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Library Overview at Mann Middle School

Patricia Raczka, School Site Library Technician II 

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Page updated: October 22, 2021

The Mann Library offers a nice and quiet place to read books for fun, or study from books used for classes. We have a wonderful collection of nonfiction books, fiction books, and course textbooks for students to checkout. Students may hold on to their nonfiction and fiction books for a two-week period; and hold onto their course textbooks for their academic year. Our library and book collections are an amazing treasure for Horace Mann Middle School.

  • Ways to care for our library:

No food or drinks allowed.

No cellphone use (SDUSD policy).

Use a low and quiet voice like a whisper.

Walk in a peaceful manner.

Allow your classmates their personal space.

When leaving a table push your chair back in place.

After playing with board games, cards, or drawing material return items to their proper place, in a neat order.

  • Recent reorganization of main library space:

In August 2019, Mann Library was reorganized and a new student seating area was added. The check-out counter was moved to the South part of the library to open up space for the new student seating area. In addition, a librarian desk with a desktop computer was added to create a central place to manage catalog and repair books, and to support faculty, staff, and students.

Once the check-out counter was relocated, a new student seating area was created. Two short bookcases were cleared to add space for game boards, and for arts and crafts. Two round tables with chairs were also added. In the corner of the new area a small indoor garden with succulent plants was set up. In addition, six Mac computers were also pulled out of storage; these were set up in the East part of the main library for students to use. Both of these two new areas are highly popular with students.

  • Books:

Mann Library has over 35,000 fiction and nonfiction books for students to check out for a period of two weeks. Recently, 175 new books were purchased from Follett's Titlewave. They will be available for student check-out after they are prepared and cataloged.

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