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Page updated: April 22, 2020

Since March 16, 2020 Horace Mann Middle School has been closed due to an outbreak of a virus. We are asked to stay home in our safe places until the virus passes. We will all come back together in the future, but for now we have to be patient with ourselves, our family, and our friends.

As we move forward to learning course material using online resources from home, we may find ourselves wondering if the effort we make on this new way of learning is as important as the way we learned material in the past, at school.

We believe it is more important now than ever to continue learning. You will most likely continue with school material you were working on, so it is important to listen to your teachers when you are connected online using Google Classroom, and just as important for you to complete your assignments.

Stay interested in your school work, and let us help you meet your graduation requirements, and get you ready for your next grade level.

Here are some internet links to help you with your classwork, and also for when you are looking to find an independent or personal project - whether it's writing your own stories, reading books, or finding DIY ideas.

Google Classroom: Online classroom links and codes.

COX: If you currently do not have internet access at home, your parents may want to check out Cox's offer for two month of free internet. After the two months they offer a student discount of $9.95 a month. Go to their webpage for more information at

Computer Loaners: If you need a computer for your classes, please complete this survey form to list your needs for one from San Diego Unified School District.

In addition to Google Classroom, COX internet access, and SDUSD's computer loaners, there are many more free online resources for students. I will list them below with websites, username, and password (if needed).

I know many of you are passionate readers and will find some of the sites that offer access to free books as enjoyable as I do. Check them out!

Junior Library Guild: You can access these books until the end of this year's classes.Since this is a free version, students cannot make individual accounts and save, highlight, etc. Here you will find audiobooks and eBooks.

Grades 6th, 7th, and 8th: JLG Digital Home:

username: JLGMID, password: JLGFREE

Grades up to 5th: JLG Digital Home:

username: JLGELM, password: JLGFREE

Capstone Publishing, Grades 5 and up: Access to 5 databases:  States, Science, American Indian History, Biographies, and Social Studies

Username: engagedPassword: learning

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